The Quail Diaries: Day 5

The moon is nearly full.

I am recatching many birds now–perhaps because they’ve learned how to get into the traps and the others haven’t, or perhaps for other reasons.

This was a new female. Isn’t she gorgeous?

and here

a wonderful adult male.

Do you know what quail tracks look like?

A lot like those of doves, but they are larger (unless the tracks were made by babies, then they are the perfect miniature of the adults), and the quail pick up their feet, whereas doves often drag their toe a bit along the ground.

Other things–the coyotes howl at night, there is a large woodrat nest, I scared a cooper’s hawk by accident (it was finishing a meal of rabbit, working on the bottom half).

I also saw a person walking in the fire zone. I am trapping on bluffs above the canyon and could see him as he walked along the paths broken in by years of being trod by people living in the canyon. He wandered into the burn zone. He may or may not have been one of the folks that set the fire. I saw him today, and I saw him yesterday.


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