The Quail Diaries: Day 6

Quail, like most, if not all, galliformes, love a good dust bath. This picture shows an indentation in the soft dirt surrounded by quail tracks, where some good dustbathing must have happened. One hypothesis for why these birds dust bathe is that it removes parasites from their plumage. Chickens, quail and other game birds love a dust bathe so much they, if being denied dirt for any length of time, will, upon being given a little patch of earth, dive into it as though crazed. Perhaps they are, perhaps living the dust bath free life is near painful.

I did not have any luck yesterday trapping the birds. I only had the morning to trap as my 20th high school reunion was last night and I decided at the last minute to go (so last minute they did not have time to put a picture of me on my nametag so I got to be blank which suited me just as well).

I’m going out tonight, so we’ll see. I may have time tomorrow morning and then we head back to Seattle. We are going camping and then I’ll come back and regroup and decide my next quail move.


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