The Quail Diaries–Day 7

This squirrel has its cheeks full of the seed that I bait the traps with.   It goes in and out of the traps with ease, and consumes all the seed. When it is in the trap, no one else will go in

Lots of doves also enter the traps.  They, I suspect, make quail less likely to enter.

There are far far more doves up here than when I was trapping 8-10 years ago.  I suspect that the housing and retail development over the last 12 years has helped the population grow–but that might also be my kneejerk “oh no, we are losing habitat” response.

I will say, this new proliferation of doves makes me think of the grackles in Irvine–of whom, more later

I trapped only in the evening today.  Here is a young male an an adult female.

As I was banding Devlin and Sage helped, messed around and wandered about.   After a little while Devlin asked, “Mommy, what is that smoke?” and, indeed, when I looked up, there was a small  plume of smoke, like one might see from a campfire, drifting into the air, in the brush, just north west of the edge of the burn. The smoke continued to rise for about 30 minutes and then, by the time the firefighters had arrived, was gone.  The coyotes yipped at the siren as it drew near.

It is an interesting thing–someone was, perhaps, cooking dinner.  Perhaps the man seen standing in the area of the smoke was making a hot meal.

I do not like reacting to people who are likely just trying to survive, but the fire scares me.

Here is a new footprint, from where I saw the man walking yesterday. Am I constructing my own reality or is this really something that exists as part of a pattern.  If I am the author of the web, what does that mean for the people who get caught up in it?

Do you recognize the protagonist’s dilemma?  What is it, and what might you do if you were main character in this story? Answer in one page or less.


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