The Quail Diaries, El Segundo, 4.5

Here’s a little bit more.

I have wandered back, several times, into the fire zone.  In some areas, nothing is growing, in others both burned plants and new seedlings are sprouting.


The recent rains have caused an enormous amount of erosion—it is easy to see the path of the mud, ash, trash and, probably, flame deterrent down the hill.  The shape of the terrain has changed.


I wandered down there this evening.  There is sometimes a sense, when dusk falls, of things changing form.  I love this time of evening, it is like an opening up…the quail are roosting and I am just that little bit nervous.

Sometimes shapes look like human forms.  The most frightening thing would be a human form rising up on the hill.


Have you ever had that sense of falling out of yourself–of the hold you have loosening a bit so that you can use your ears and feet and hands and skin to sense things in the near dark?



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