Reptile stories

lizardThis lizard was cold.  Do you remember when I wrote about it (about him/her). It is not venomous–lizards were once thought venomous.  It is the influence of the heart-headed snakes.

We go to California next week.  I will find my quail (I hope).   I will have a short time with them and then back up to Seattle.  I am bringing the radio transmitters and receiver though I suspect they will not work–there is an issue as far as I can tell.  I am technologically idiotic and therefore cannot solve the situation on my own.

I have this much money to do this research:  $0.

Boo hoo.  What a time for a person of comfortable means–WITH A JOB, with insurance and a house–to be whining.    I apologize.

Maybe I will, at some point, be able to submit my own grant proposals and then I will, perhaps, get some support for the quail work, other than, of course, my own credit cards.  (I’m too old for this).

But speaking about snakes, I’ve never seen a rattlesnake on my site, although I have seen them on other habitat patches nearby.  This is a nice quail story:  Once a man was trapping quail so he could learn about their behavior.  He would set one trap then wander to another trap and set it, finally returning to the first once all traps were set.  On this particular day, when he returned to the first trap, he discovered a rattlesnake had entered 1/2way through the mesh–its head inside the trap, its tail outside.

What is more, it had swallowed a trapped bird which had started to travel down the snake’s body, so it could not back out.

The man was lucky.  He had wire cutters in his pack and he was able to cut the snake out–full of feathers and flesh.

Such a pretty bird, such a pretty snake.

I miss you all.


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