The Quail Diaires Cuarto–four

burnedandflakingMy son asked me to name the spirits around here.

I let him answer his own question, because, oddly enough, I do not have an answer.

The tree in the photograph above is burned and peeling.  It is in the burned area–more than one year old–and I walked down there today.

Heed not the coldness of the water if it is soft.

There was a place where I felt ghosts.  It was the eastern part of the path, at the base of the wash, by some reeds and tangled brush.  I get creeped out and I was creeped out here.  (My husband never feels it, but my son has felt it in places–is it real or is it in our heads, and isn’t that real also?)

it is a low marsh, surrounded with bulrushes and saline incrustations and emits a most disagreeable effluvia; the water cannot be used for man or beast

footprintHere was also a footprint.  Perhaps that is why I felt something.   I walked the path to the sidewalk off a road, and the footprints continued, though they had gone the other way, into the brush.


I caught R K/K today.  I have not seen her recently and was very happy to discover her in the trap.  She is apparently doing well as she is rather stout.

I also caught the same juvenile twice–once at 5:45 pm and once at 6:50 pm.  I caught him yesterday as well.

What a sweet boy.  I will have photographs after my return when I am reunited with my cable.

and all the distance is over a coat of dry ashy earth, so soft


We leave tomorrow night.  I will likely not write again until I am in Seattle.

But you never know.


quotes are from Ware 1949


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