The Quail Diaries–Cuarto. First Postscript

femallastThe female G/Pc L.

She was the last bird I trapped before returning to Seattle. And now I miss her.

Who shall tell

I guarantee she does not miss me.

how many centuries


I mentioned in my last post that I walked down the fire zone.  I felt ghosts…blah blah blah…(but I did!)…and saw footprints.

I also saw poison oak

oopsand nearly stepped in it–(look directly above my foot in this photo–YIKES!).  I also almost grabbed it. It clearly likes the burned zone–it is one of the most pervasive colonizers on the site as far as I can tell

Here we found decidedly a “hard road to travel,”


This is burned glass


among and over rocks,

I like the burned glass.  The burned cans are still there, socks etc.  The plants have yet to move in and obscure the place.  They never will in the way that they did.

through thick chaparral of manzanita

That is the thing.  In observing the lives of other animals, I’ve such a strange sense of time and of the tragedy that emerges from the distinction between human-time and non-human (quail, manzanita, ant) time.

a dense cloud of dust rises from it

an opaque white veil that shuts out the view


quotes are from Brewer’s journals


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