Last night

O the unutterable darkness of the sky & the Earth below the Moon!


When I was out in the dark this evening the frogs nearly deafened me.   They weren’t telling me their names.  Their calls started quietly then swelled as they reinstated their chorus–frog after frog joining.  My passing by startled them but then, they were no longer concerned by me and they sang.

the assumption of things cannot go on like this

Behind me–and in the dark the quail roost somewhere.  I knew that because they just do.  Or I think I knew that.  Or just believed, in the way faith based on gathered information is belief.

If I’m lost–now–

My quail.

That I was found–

They are not my quail–and I neither saw nor heard them today.  Perhaps it was because the Cooper’s hawk haunted the place I typically encounter them on my trips to this site in southern California.  Perhaps it was because they have changed their pattern since I last was here.

There are other places

Which are also the world’s end

They do that, they did that, when I was hear day after day for months they would be in one place every day at the same time for weeks and then, all of a sudden, be elsewhere and I’d find myself hiking for days until I found them, figured out their schedule.

If you came this way,


If you came at night like a broken king

Whisper me.

It would be the same

I take it on faith that they are out there tonight together.  I have said I want them to tell me their names–I want them to also retain what they are separate from me.  This is my attraction to the field–they are themselves, their society, their relationships, their moment to moment, utterly outside of me.

Let it fly forth, flying its best, and leave us strength to live.


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quotes are by Emily Dickinson, Walter Benjamin, T. S. Eliot, The Rg Veda, Ingeborg Bachmann


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