The Quail Diaries: The Search for the Elegant Quail (TSEQ) Part 1

I landed in Ciudad Obregón on Thursday evening. Here is my first post of yesterday


Alamos MX

I’m waiting for the ghost. Except, there are too many people here and the ghost is likely hiding out until she has the proper space and time to make her appearance.

I am in the courtyard of the hotel in which I am staying with Dr. Gee, Los Tesoros.

We have found and caught and measured the elegant quail. It has happened so quickly that I do even seem to realize that I am here or that I’ve held these birds I’ve wondered about for more than 10 years.

What I will tell you is they are so beautiful. But I’ve said that before and about another quail in another place. The females are like female California quail, but also not. They have more dark brown and more scaling and are possibly smaller in the hand than California quail females.

We caught two this morning, one was only a yearling.

The males had bright crests, so orange that they glowed.

The moon is large and bright.

All sorts of splitting is happening—

Walls and high sidewalks
Narrow cobbled streets and stone buildings
All stone
Adobe and brightness
White and dust
The birds in the brush

But if you have had it you know



quote by, of all people, Ernest Hemingway


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