TSEQ-Part 3

We trapped more elegant quail this morning.  According to many accounts of this species the elegant quail is shy and hard to find.  But we have found them.  And we have been helped to find them.

They are different in the way they behave, though, and that is interesting.  Because we have such a short time and because we are still trying to find the best places to work, we will not have time on this trip to get any sort of even a minuscule amount of real behavioral data but even then, it is so clear to me that these are not California quail.  And this is not just about how they look or sound.  It is about how they are–

but of course, you didn’t need me to tell you that.

The mind is so near itself it cannot see distinctly

This is a sweet maleDo you see his fabulous crest and how it is not a comma hanging down but so bright?

And here is a female

Do you see the brown and the lovely scaling?  She feels differently in the hand.

And now they are sleeping and are roosting, if we are assuming that which is probable, in trees.  Someday we’ll know where, perhaps.  Someday when we see this male and this female we will know who they are.

I shall enjoy the open country


quotes are by Dickinson and Darwin


One Response to “TSEQ-Part 3”

  1. Eloise Klein Healy Says:

    E erything about this is fabulous–especially that they “feel” different to your hands. Congrats! Be in touch


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