TSEQ–Part 5

I am beginning this blog in the aeropuerto de Ciudad Obregón…

And that is as far as I got before I left Obregón to fly to Hermosillo and left Hermosillo to fly to LA and then, after delays due to a need to change a tire and then deal with auxiliary power, taking off and finally arriving in Seattle and then at my home 14 hours after I left Alamos in a truck headed, via Navajoa , to the Aeropuerto de Obregón .

Here is where Alamos is in case you were wondering:  Map

To see Alamos scroll down until you see Navajoa and look a bit SE.

I’m not actually complaining; it is just interesting how long it takes to travel to Alamos–at least by that route.  There are several other ways to travel–including buses picked up at various places (Tucson, Mazatlan) and/or a apparently relatively easy drive from Tucson to Alamos.

La simbiosis es símbolo….[de la vida]

So next time we may do it completely differently…

La amapa

I have stopped thinking in Spanish, although it took me half the day to stop wanting to say con permiso and por favor

coronado con su frondo en rosa

and the entire day, with the strangeness of the Seattle sun, to get used to the fact that I was not in Mexico. 

o en blanco y amarillo

This is silly because I was there less than a week. 

en su color

But it seeped under my skin, into my veins my nerves my muscles my bones.  I’ve been wanting to go back to Mexico for years, and I’ve been obsessed with finding the elegant quail.  I never knew, however, to expect a place like Alamos.  

me toma mas de 500 años

I will write more when I am less fatigued but I am posting here some photos below and a link to a video, of a drive to one of the ranches, here.

alcanzar mi talla


quotes are by Elena Chavarría Correa and Carlos Valdés Casillas


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