Ashes denote that Fire was–

Revere the Grayest Pile

I hoped it was fire this morning.

Then I realized the implication–

Fire Fire Fire

Perhaps I’m being too hard on myself.  This is what I said–that is an insensitive rather appalling thought.  why would you have it?

This is what I answered–Today is cold wet and cloudy, yesterday was cold wet and cloudy.  I desperately long to be, at this moment, in the field.  I associate the field with fire

Fire in Encinitas Canyon, on my field site, in 2008

I associate quail with fire.

It was three days, each with a little

less bird, and a fourth day with nothing.


In Calfornia, the season of fire is approaching, while in Alamos, the monsoon is around the corner.  The threatened deciduous tropical forest of Sonora, Monte Mojino, will turn green.

I’m not sure how the quail feel about that.  I miss them.

I’ve said that so many times before.

It is a thing I cannot do elsewhere


I will need to explain to you more about the land.  I will need to learn how to better argue why the birds are important.  I will need to train myself, in particular, to explain, very clearly and precisely, if possible in 140 characters or fewer, why research into the behavior of these birds, the Callipepla should be supported.  What do they matter, what do they do for us.  It is the translation of what is a spiritual-scientific quest into concrete words.

I can connect

Nothing with nothing

Oh Lord Thou pluckest

Weialala leia


Here–does this clarify it?  Does this qualify it for support?

Bhikkhus, all is burning

The mind is burning


quotes are from T. S. Eliot, Buddha, Kirsten Kaschock, Emily Dickinson


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