TSEQ-part 8

We are here we cannot turn back

Lagrimas de oro

Of the four species of Callipepla, elegant quail are the only one whose range is limited to Mexico.  The rest of the species range up into the United States.  Something about this limited range means that (as I have said many times before), while California, Gambel’s and scaled have detailed natural history information on record, there is nearly nothing known about elegant quail.  They are not considered North American birds–yet they are in Mexico.  And Mexico, like it or not, is in North America.

No answer at her door

free her with new wings

Their range maps are here–if you click on a name you’ll see the range:  California quail, Gambel’s quail, Scaled quail, Elegant quail.  You’ll notice a nice pattern, like puzzle pieces fitted together.  Some of this distribution may be accidents of history and some the result of natural selection.

it is a slender flower in the gale

What I wouldn’t give to know the whole history, the whole trajectory of that evolution.

the world illuminated and myself awake

While there is some evidence that the scaled quail is the most ancient species of the lineage, and elegant quail diverged next followed by California and Gambel’s quail approximately 1 million years ago; this hypothesis for their evolution, while somewhat supported by the current data is not conclusively supported.  To put it in a manner typical of scientific writing–further analysis is needed–further data are necessary.

We see the stars as if they were years ago 

but for us

The future is ripe.

it is the future


I am, for various reasons, desperately missing Mexico.  Here is the old cobbled street:

Here are Los Estudiantes, the Alamos musicians, performing in the courtyard of the hotel:  (Click Link to See and Hear).  The quality of the recording is poor of course–the music was quite wonderful.  To me at least–

might it have been to you?

and the quail were roosting, necessarily–I hope sleeping tight.  The world owes it to them or perhaps we owe it to her.


Quotes are by Richard Shelton, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Manu Chao


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