Clarification on #8 Claridad

By the way of clarification–the work I was doing in San Diego was with Callipepla californica, California quail.  While a substantial amount of work has been done on this species, there are still many things we do not know.  I’d argue that what we do not know far far outweighs what we do know.

known unknowns

But, given what we know and what I want to study,  the field work I want to do requires a substantial investment of time.  What I am mulling about in the previous post is whether what I want to do is doable–and how far I can push my desire for a fully integrative project (Across art and science) given all of the constraints of my life right now.

unknown unknowns

The other species I am studying is the elegant quail Callipepla douglasii.  We know next to nothing about this bird and therefore, gathering the most basic of information will be useful.  While I’d love to conduct intensive research on elegant quail, I also know that  few short trips each year have the potential of garnering very interesting data.

known knowns

Despite my second thoughts about the previous post, I am leaving it up.  If nothing else, it is a bit of honesty about my own weaknesses and confusions.


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